Oleksii Kachaiev

Principal Software Engineer @ Riot Games, Inc.

I work on ML/AI for League of Legends.

As a hobby, I do a research on representation learning techniques and graph neural networks for gameplay modeling.

Scientifically interested in algebras and theory of computation.

Previously put a lot of effort into network protocols (including MQTT, HTTP/2 and QUIC 😱),
async programming runtimes, dependent types, symbolic PLs and graph rewriting systems.



Easily serialize dataclasses to and from tensors (PyTorch tensors or NumPy ndarrays)


QUIC transport protocol and HTTP/3 for Java

aleph (active contributor)

Asynchronous communication for Clojure.


Minimalistic implementation of Naiad paper "A Timely Dataflow System" in Scala.


Run SQL queries over your Maven artifacts cache.

nasus http.server

A simple zero-configuration command-line HTTP files server that scales.


Clojure library that makes remote data access code elegant and efficient at the same time.


Clojure library to keep you away from bugs with precise schemas (refined types with runtime checks).


Functional programming in Python: implementation of missing features to enjoy FP.


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